About Us


Through our extensive experience within both the European Space Agency (ESA) and the private space industry, we are very well aware of the passion, ambition and innovative ability of space companies within the European market. But what about the commercial side of your business?

We know we can add value to your space company if you fit one of the profiles below:

You are a space company wanting to know more about ESA:

You have recently acquired an interest in the European space market and would like to know more about how to approach doing business with ESA.

Paper Satellite can guide you in the right direction, explain ESA’s EMITS system, translate the jargon and give you an overview of how to do business with ESA. We can equip you with the knowledge and support you need to make commercially sound decisions and build strong foundations from the outset.

You are a space company which has recently started working on ESA projects:

You are an exciting start-up, a forward thinking engineering company or a software developer with cutting-edge ideas. Although you have attempted to write a successful bid in the past, you were unable to finalise it in time or were unsuccessful in the process.

ESA is about innovation and industry development. But all too often, small or new space companies are unable to demonstrate their technical ability through their proposal due to a limited understanding of the ESA procurement process. Paper Satellite offer excellent space company support by helping to ensure you understand the process, that your proposal is compliant with the ITT requirements and that you are giving your company the chance that it rightfully deserves.

You are a space company with substantial ESA experience with an opportunity to begin your own procurement for your ESA project

You have recently won an ESA bid and now have the opportunity to start your own procurement process to place subcontractors. However, you are not entirely clear on the ESA procurement process, what your obligations are and how best to prepare your ITT documentation.

Paper Satellite can explain the procurement process, help you set up internal processes and workflows to ensure compliance with ESA’s Best Practices and support in guiding your less experienced subcontractors so they are adhering to your requirements and processes. Most importantly, we can add value by ensuring that you are meeting your legal and contractual obligations, while protecting your own legal interests and commercial position.

Our Experience:

  • Extensive ESA and industry experience within the procurement and commercial field, including legal, contractual, commercial, sales, marketing, industrial and supply chain policy
  • Experience in dealing with international and governmental customers within the frame of complex / large value contracts
  • Legal, engineering, scientific and business backgrounds, excellent commercial awareness and in-depth understanding of how to do business with ESA